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環境省 国立公園満喫プロジェクト

​IN 伊豆


2-Day Tour of Izu Peninsula Geopark's West Coast in Shizuoka

​JPY 88,000円

Marvel at the breathtaking scenery of the Izu Peninsula’s laid-back western coast, home to stunning rugged terrains and quiet port towns, on this two-day tour. Spend a comfortable night's stay in a local hotel, and feast on the bounty of the sea.


  • Go off the beaten path as you explore the pristine west coast of the Izu Peninsula

  • Marvel at the area’s natural wonders: unusual rock formations, majestic cliffs, and more

  • Learn about the area’s past and current industries, like gold mining and fishing

  • Savor local specialties: fresh seafood and dried bonito flakes

  • Have a good night’s sleep at a comfortable local hotel


  • This tour is available April 1, 2020–March 31, 2021, daily

  • This tour lasts 2 days and 1 night, and roughly follows this itinerary:

Day 1

08:50 — Meet at Shuzenji Station on the Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line

09:00 — From Shuzenji Station, take bus or taxi to Georia (Izu Peninsula Geopark Museum)

09:15 — Arrive at Georia; look around the museum 10:00 — Head for Toi Gold Mine 10:45 — Tour Toi Gold Mine’s sightseeing tunnel

12:15 — Head for Sakura Restaurant for lunch

12:20 — Lunch

13:00 — Head for Ugusu silica deposit

13:30 — See Ugusu silica deposit

15:00 — Head for Cape Kogane area

15:30 — Sightseeing around Cape Kogane

16:30 — Depart Cape Kogane for your accommodation

17:00 — Arrive at your accommodation and check in

18:00 — Dinner

19:30 — Free time

Note: If the Ugusu silica deposit is inaccessible, you will have lunch in Shuzenji and take a historical walking tour of the area

Day 2

Before 08:30 — Breakfast

08:30 — Check out of your accommodation

08:45 — From your accommodation, take bus to Kanesa Katsuobushi Shop

09:00 — Tour Kanesa Katsuobushi Shop

09:45 — Head for Tago-no-Ura Port in Tago

10:00 — Walk around Tago-no-Ura Port

10:45 — Walk around Tomyogasaki Promenade 12:00 — Sightseeing around Ukishima Coast

12:30 — Head to restaurant for lunch

12:40 — Lunch at Dogashima Shokudo (or Okiagari Shokudo)

13:20 — Head for Dogashima sightseeing cruise 13:30 — Dogashima sightseeing cruise

14:15 — Head for Muroiwa Cave

14:30 — Tour Muroiwa Cave

15:40 — Head for Izukyu-Shimoda Station

16:30 — Tour ends at Izukyu-Shimoda Station on the Izu Kyuko Line


  • If Dogashima Shokudo is closed, you will have lunch at Okiagari Shokudo

  • If the Dogashima sightseeing cruise is unavailable, you will stroll around the Dogashima area or Sawada Park

  • If Muroiwa Cave is inaccessible, you will visit the Matsuzaki area to see Izu-no-Chohachi Art Museum and Iwashina School


• For your accommodation, you will stay at Ryokan Onyado Shinshima, Izu Matsuzaki-sou (Izu Matsuzaki Inn), or a hotel of a similar class

• For day 1, if the Ugusu silica deposit is inaccessible, you will have lunch in Shuzenji and take a historical walking tour of the area

• For day 2, if Dogashima Shokudo is closed, you will have lunch at Okiagari Shokudo

• For day 2, if the Dogashima sightseeing cruise is unavailable, you will stroll around the Dogashima area or Sawada Park

• For day 2, if Muroiwa Cave is inaccessible, you will visit the Matsuzaki area to see Izu-no-Chohachi Art Museum and Iwashina School


  • This tour requires at least 2 participants

  • Participants must be aged 5 or older, and fit for walking

  • Children and teenagers aged 5–14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

  • Teenagers aged 15-19 may participate without an accompanying adult, but must present a consent form signed by a parent or guardian

  • Your hotel is pre-selected; you will not be able to choose

  • The tour may be canceled in the event of inclement weather

  • The itinerary may vary due to the weather and other factors


• Your Voyagin confirmation email, subject: Order Confirmed

• Appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather

• Hiking shoes, or any suitable footwear for long walks

• Water bottle

• Hat

• Small towel or handkerchief

• Umbrella or raincoat


Izu Peninsula Geopark, Shizuoka Prefecture Meeting point: Shuzenji Station on the Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line



Meals served may vary depending on the season, availability, and other factors. Below is a sample menu:


Day 1

  • Lunch: Local seafood meal at Sakura Restaurant

  • Dinner: Seafood meal at your accommodation


Day 2

  • Breakfast: Japanese or Western breakfast at your accommodation

  • Lunch: Shio-katsuo udon (noodles with dried, salted bonito flakes) at Dogashima Shokudo, or squid meal at Okiagari Shokudo


Note: We cannot accommodate any allergies



Just a few hours from Tokyo, Shizuoka Prefecture’s Izu Peninsula makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Blessed with abundant nature — hot springs, volcanoes, unique geographical formations, and more, UNESCO designated this area as a ‘geopark’ (an area with an important geological heritage worthy of preservation) in 2012. On this overnight tour, you’ll spend two days getting acquainted with the Izu Peninsula’s west coast, which is more tranquil and laid-back than the frequently visited parts of the peninsula. This area’s rugged terrain and proximity to the sea make it more difficult to get around without a car, but as a reward for venturing off the beaten path, you’ll be treated to impressive panoramic views of the coastline — and even Mt. Fuji. Your tour begins at Shuzenji Station on the Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line. From there, depending on the number of participants, you’ll take a bus or taxi to Georia, also known as the Izu Peninsula Geopark Museum. At the museum, you’ll learn about the history of the geopark through fascinating exhibitions, displays, and trivia from your friendly English-speaking guide. Next on the itinerary is Toi Gold Mine, or ‘Toi Kinzan’ in Japanese. The gold industry once flourished in the sleepy town of Toi. From the Edo period (1603–1867) until its closure in 1965, Toi Gold Mine was one of Japan’s leading gold mines. It has since reopened as a sightseeing spot, with around 400 meters of its 100-km-long tunnel now a walk-through tourist attraction. Take a tour of the tunnel to see animatronics and dioramas recreating miners’ lives in the Edo period. Afterward, you’ll feast on seafood for lunch. Shizuoka’s proximity to the sea makes it well-known for fresh, delicious seafood, so the bounty of the sea is naturally on the menu for most of this tour. You’ll have lunch at Sakura near Toi Gold Mine, or, if your next destination is inaccessible, a restaurant in Shuzenji. When you’ve had your fill of lunch, you’ll visit the Ugusu silica deposit, a natural attraction that’s not easily accessible to visitors. This unique silica deposit was formed by hydrothermal alterations related to volcanic activity. If the deposit is inaccessible, you’ll instead go on a walking tour of Shuzenji, an onsen (hot spring) town with a historically and culturally significant temple. Your final stop of the day is Cape Kogane, overlooking Suruga Bay. As you watch the sunset and see Mt. Fuji in the distance, you’ll find out why Cape Kogane is nicknamed the “golden cape.” The sunset sets Kogane’s cliffs aglow, bathing the rocks in gold — a picture-perfect view. Head to your accommodation to check in and enjoy even more delicious seafood for dinner, and rest well in preparation for the next day. On the second day, you’ll visit quaint fishing towns lining Izu Peninsula’s coastline. After breakfast, you’ll head for the town of Tago to visit Kanesa, a long-running ‘katsuobushi’ (dried bonito flakes) shop that’s been in business since 1882. Tour Kanesa’s factory to learn how katsuobushi is made, and take some home if you like. Then, take a leisurely stroll around Tago-no-Ura Port, once famous for bonito fishing. Feel the sea breeze and take in scenic coastline views at Tomyogasaki Promenade and Ukishima Coast, respectively. You’ll have lunch at either Dogashima Shokudo or Okiagari Shokudo, eateries run by local fishermen. Enjoy udon noodles with a sprinkling of ‘shio-katsuo’ (salted, dried bonito flakes) — a local specialty — or freshly caught squid. Then, take a sightseeing cruise around the island of Dogashima. As some of the area’s attractions — mainly its caves and unusual rock formations — can’t be easily explored on foot (if at all), this cruise is the best way to see Dogashima in all its beauty. Your high-speed cruiser will take you into the otherworldly Blue Cave, illuminated only by bright sunlight shining through. If the cruise is not in operation, you’ll walk around Dogashima or nearby Sawada Park, another area with picturesque views and unique geographical wonders. Last on the itinerary is Muroiwa Cave, a former stone quarry. If the cave is inaccessible, you’ll visit the town of Matsuzaki to take in some arts and culture. At the Izu-no-Chohachi Art Museum, see the works of the multi-talented plaster artist Irie Chohachi, Matsuzaki’s homegrown talent. Marvel at the east-meets-west architecture and latticed walls of Iwashina School, a schoolhouse built to look like a temple. Finally, your tour will come to an end at Izukyu-Shimoda Station on the Izu Kyuko Line. Head to your next destination with plenty of newfound knowledge and vivid memories of the gorgeous Izu Peninsula!

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